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R O S E A N N A  C H R I S T I A N S E N  R I Z Z O

 Over 30 years of acting/coaching experience in Film, TV, Theater, Improvisation, Voice Overs, Looping, and Print.

8 seasons as Teresa on the hit show Dallas. Multiple episodes on the hit show The Jeffersons.

Her list of credits also includes episodic TV, MOTW, Soap Operas, etc.

An encouraging, empowering, and positive atmosphere where you will receive accelerated teaching preparing you to be successful

in the Entertainment Industry, or in any career path you choose. Roseanna is also a Life Coach.

All of Roseanna’s students have increased their income from when they started taking her classes.

Class/Workshop topics also include: Mock Casting and Auditions; The Actor’s Business Plan; Getting an Agent; How to Market Yourself;

Public Speaking; Grant Proposals; Employment Interviews; Self-Taping; Budgeting; Movement; etc.

ONLY $35 PER CLASS!  Private Sessions – $50. SKYPE Sessions – $50

First 4 classes must be Prepaid-$140. After the first 4, choose a Prepaid Package with a discount: 6 classes= $200, 7=$230, 10=$320.

(Additional charge for PayPal)